Top 10 Tips to Start Your Supermodel Career

Top 10 Tips to Start Your Supermodel Career

Tyra Banks and Kate Moss are just 2 of the biggest names in the modelling industry. Many women aspire to be supermodels like them because of the fame, fortune and the luxurious lifestyle they experience! If you want to be a model as well, here are tips on how to jump start your dream career.

(10) Practice with the camera.

Have a friend or family take pictures of you every now and then. Or if possible, take the pictures yourself. Practice how you would look in different kinds of settings, lightnings and emotions. One of the qualities of a good model is to be able to look good in printed pictures. Get to know your angles as well.

(9) Look for photo shoot opportunities.

There are many wanna-be photographers out there who want to complete their portfolio just like you. You can ask them to take pictures of you in return of printed copies for your portfolio. This will be a great way to practice as well.

(8) Be determined.

No model out there made it to the top just like that. They had to work hard for it. Be patient in attending go-sees and standing in line with other models. Work hard to keep your body and skin camera worthy.

(7) Increase exposure.

Join fashion shows even if you don’t get paid for them. Don’t be a diva by giving clients a high rate because you are just starting. You are going to have to work with what you have. All of this free work will get you the exposure you need.

(6) Stay away from vices.

Supermodels don’t go around town smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. They take their time to take care of themselves. They avoid vices in order to look younger and fresher. This is very important because the listed vices above can really hurt your image.

(5) Know the brands.

A real supermodel knows the brands by heart. This kind of knowledge will get you far in the future go-sees and castings. For example, check out big brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Guess and Prada. Be familiar with their product line and print ads so that when you are asked to model like the models in these brands, you would know what to serve in the plate.


(4) Attend modelling school.

Modelling school can help you achieve your dreams big time. There are many technicalities to modelling. It isn’t just about looking pretty. You need to know how to talk the talk and how to walk the walk. Plus, a certificate from modelling school will give you an edge over others.

(3) Be very good in handling make up.

Most of the time, especially on your first steps towards stardom, you will be your own make-up artist. Paying for someone to do it would just be too expensive. Experiment with make up and make sure to try out different styles. Invest in quality ones as well.

(2) Know and try out the different kinds of modelling.

There are high fashion shots. There are also glam shots. There is also what you call runway modelling. As you can see, modelling is a very versatile field so you have to be versatile as well. Try your best to be able to fit into all the types of modelling. This will make talent scouts crazy for you.

(1)   Don’t let anything get into your head.

Once you start modelling, make sure to keep your feet on the ground. Many great models out there have destroyed their careers because of the wrong attitude. Practice good time management, professionalism and kindness on set.


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