Top 10 TV Series Women Love

Top 10 TV Series Women Love

Watching TV series is one of the most popular ways of unwinding for women. At the end of the day, it is just great to sit down and watch your favorite series. If you are looking for a TV series to watch, here is the top 10 series women love!

(10) How I met Your Mother

This is a comedy about a guy named Ted Mosby who is narrating his life to his children without revealing who the mother is. This one is a really funny one. Buy a set of DVD’s cause this is running 8 seasons already going on its 9th.

(9) Grey’s Anatomy 

How do hot doctors, intriguing patient cases and drama sound to you? If that can’t keep you glued in to the TV screen I don’t know what will. It’s about to start its 10th season on October 2013 but you will have fun catching up from season 1.

(8) Big Bang Theory

If you like out of the ordinary witty comedy, then this is the series for you. Geeks and blondes and everyone in between will be able to relate with this gang of 7 and their antics. Learn the difference between street smart and book smart.

(7) Pretty Little Liars

Teenage sitcoms are usually all about love, sex and vices. This one, on the other hand, has taken it too far – in a good way. Watch these 4 pretty girls as they live around lies about their friend who died and discover secrets about themselves as well. This series will get you hooked.

(6) Desperate Housewives

This is the series flowing and oozing with endorphins. TIT is about a neighborhood of 4 housewives who are facing everyday challenges with raising their families, taking care of themselves and unravelling some mysteries as well that is narrated by their dead co-housewife.

(5) Friends

Everyone loves Friends. And though the series is over with 10 seasons, it is still being aired in many TV stations. There are 6 main characters that I know you know for sure and until this day, there are very successful with their careers.

(4) The Walking Dead

This is one of the top rated TV series for 2012. The zombie apocalypse has been a great topic ever since news about the end of the world came out. It seems like everyone is praying for a zombie apocalypse instead of a big asteroid crashing the earth. The characters in walking dead will amuse you with how they battle the physical and mental challenges of being in this situation. TV Series Women Love

(3) 2 Broke Girls

2 broke girls is a series about 2 waitresses in New York trying to make ends meet while battling with their issues with their cupcake business. Many people can relate to this sitcom especially women who want to try their luck in New York.

(2) Game of Thrones

Everyone is buzzing about this TV series from HBO. As observed from the title, the series is about the hunger for power and how people would lie and battle to each other. There is a book as well that you can read so you can see if you would love the series.

(1) Parenthood

A lot of moms love to watch this because it strongly portrays the struggles of all parents out there on how to raise their children along with the struggles of everyday life.


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