Top 10 Types of People You’ll See at A Concert

Top 10 Types of People You’ll See at A Concert

Concert events really dump anyone to excitement. It is said to be a highlight of one’s singer career. Concert go getters prepared a lot for the show. They don’t want to be in the last lane of fun and enthusiasm. And this makes people crazy enough and getting wild like there’s no tomorrow. Here are the Top 10 types of people you’ll see at a concert:

Top 10 Types of People You’ll See at A Concert

10. Snack Getter.

This person should not be neglected. Most of the concert go getters are fond of eating while watching the concert. Before going to the concert venue, they already have prepared the snacks to be eaten while enjoying the concert acts of their favorite band. But sometimes, they missed some part of the show just to get something to eat.

9. Unimpressed Person.

This person is bored even if it is his or her favorite band. He is not impressed with the performance of his favorite band. It is not a good idea of sitting next to him or her, it is an awkward thing to do.

8. First Pumper or Cheerser.

This one is something to be irritated of, others avoid being with this kind of concert goer. The unreasonable cheers of this kind of person will definitely disgust you during concert events. Sometimes their actions will hurt you as well.

7. 30-Something Sitter.

Fanatic people loved going to concerts and watched their favorite band or singers perform on the stage. There is no exception; you can see elderly people and people on mid 30’s. They do not go wild, they don’t dance, they don’t sing and conduct and they do not use drugs. They just sit while watching concerts until the end.

6. Air conductor.

This type of concert go-getters is parallel to spinning like a dancer. They conduct as if they are really the ones who is the master conductor. They conduct to the notes, when high note raids their hands come up and when is slowly down their hands beat moderately.

5. Whirling Dervish Dancer.

Dances while their hands in the air are catching something, turning around sensually to the beat of music.

4. Messed Up On Drugs.

These people are actually not at the concert, but they lure themselves into drugs. The concert is just an excuse. To be high on drugs is really their aim to achieve.

3. Having The Best Night Ever.

This person is around in every concert. They are acting as if it seems it is there last night and last concert experience. Bathing with sweat and stroking until the top of their lungs. Indeed, they’re having the best concert experience of their existence. It’s just how they accept the entertainment industry in their lives.

2. Pretends To Know The Lyrics.

Some of the songs in the concert do not blend the lyrics on these go getters. Every time they utter words, its just not the lyrics but they blend in with the melody of the song.

1. Shmoopy Makeout Couple.

This is typically what the couples do during the concert. The guy is behind the girl wrapped with his hands around her waist, while the girl is touching the hands of the guy. For some lovers, spending the night watching concert is romantic.



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