Top 10 Unbelievable Benefits of Being a Complete Bookworm

Top 10 Unbelievable Benefits of Being a Complete Bookworm

There are maniacs and then there are bookworms too who live and die for books. Bibliophile can be a wonder or a curse, depending on how you look at it. But, for those, whose lives are dedicated to those stacks of bound papers, they call it bliss. If you are a bookworm you don’t need a friend, or hangouts; you will never feel alone, not even the need to socialize often. You would prefer to live in that world which can only be found between the pages of a book, full of characters coming out straight from those pages. Now, if you can’t relate much to this article then I must tell you that this article is actually meant for the non-bibliophiles.

Bookworm Bug

Here I am going to tell why you should make reading a daily habit and what the amazing benefits of reading are.

1. Stimulates mind: Researchers have found that if you can keep stimulating your brain on a regular basis, it will be less prone to fall prey to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc. Reading is a method of cognitive stimulation and renders similar effects on mind like you get from playing chess or solving puzzles.

2. Reduces stress: After the hectic day at office, you are completely stressed out. You are going through a rough patch in your personal life and nothing seems okay. No worries. Just open your all time favorite book and dive into it. Within few minutes, every little trace of worries will slip out from your mind.

3. Enlightens the soul with knowledge: It’s not possible to explore every corner of this earth, neither can you learn about the human psychology at its full length and breadth. But reading books can enlighten you with such never-ending stream of knowledge.

4. Expands vocabulary: The more you keep reading books and other readable, the more powerful will be your vocabulary. You will learn different words, their correct usages without joining a crash-course on grammar.

5. Improves memory: Reading a book puts memory in work as it has to remember a lot of sequences, chain of events, characters, their inter-connections and roles in the development of the story etc. So, eventually, it boosts up the memory power.

6. Boosts up analytical skills: Those who love to read Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery before it’s revealed, they normally develop impressive analytical power. It also makes you a good critic.

7. Improves concentration level: In this age of cyber-obsession, people is struggling hard with concentration as they need to juggle between so lots of Firefox tabs, Google Chat, Skype, Files and Facebook that the concentration is compromised. Reading books can be real helpful in this regard.

8. Improves writing skills: The more you read, more polished will be your flair of writing.

9. Brings inner peace: Read some spiritual or Oho creations and you will find the inner peace.

10. Entertains anytime: Get a library card and a world of free entertainment is opened to you. You are in a bad mood, just take that hilarious comic strip and now you can’t stop laughing.


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