Top 10 Uncommon Insurance Policy

Top 10 Uncommon Insurance Policy

These days, insurance policies are a must and almost all people have this in one way or another. The most common are car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance among other. However, there are insurance policies that are not so common yet it is a fact that they exist.

10. Coverage for your body parts

Insuring of body parts may sound far-fetched for ordinary people but this is already a part of the lives of the rich and the famous. The body parts of the celebrities play an important role in their work. Maybe this is the reason why they are willing to spend millions for its insurance. The model Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2.2 million while America Herrera reportedly paid $1 million for her smile. The next one will really make you drop your jaw. Mariah Carey’s legs have a dizzying $1 billion insurance policy!

9. Insure your love

Not all relationships last for life. Parting with each other is such a pain. Love insurance will help you recuperate if not emotionally, at least financially. You do not have to fret that all the diners, flowers, dresses and other gifts that you had given her end up in nothing.

8. Pet insurance

Your pets can also have their insurance regardless of what they are. This is not limited to dogs, cats, and birds.

7. Insurance for the unexpected

Basically, it covers the giving birth of your partner. You have been expecting a boy but what will happen if she suddenly had quintuplets? It is obvious that your daily expenses will go up but the insurance will help you deal with this improbable incident.

6. Insurance in the sky

Flight insurance is not really unusual but questions arise with why people bother to have this while it is only limited in the events that will happen in the plane. Your life insurance will cover incidents of this kind. However, sky gliders might want to consider this for the high rate of accidents.

Life Insurance

5. Meteor/Asteroid impact

This insurance will make sure that you are covered should an asteroid or a meteor made its way to the earth. Pray that the hit will just be a small one or else that will mean the armageddon . There might be no insurance company to give you your policy and the worst, there might be no you to claim your insurance.

4. Superstar employee

People are the most valuable part of the business and the owners are aware of this. They make sure to have the coverage for the star employee so their assets are protected even after losing the valuable employee.

3. Attacks of supernatural entities

All the works of the supernatural against you like that of the ghosts, vampires, alien abduction and others may be covered by an insurance policy. All you have to do is to show proof that it really happened and the fund will be yours.

2. Wedding insurance

A sudden natural disaster in the day of your wedding will cost you thousands. Let the insurance policy cover it. Some also offer coverage for the change of heart or if the bride or the groom had a cold feet at the altar. This includes the counselling that you might need afterwards.

1. Insurance for immaculate conception

This is not a joke. Some sisters are paying premiums for a policy that would help them rear Jesus Christ for his second coming to the earth, that is, if one of them conceived immaculately.


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