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Top 10 Unique Myths about Islam

Top 10 Unique Myths about Islam

There are various widespread myths about Islam from across the world. Here are the top ten prevalent myths about the Islamic religion.

10. Women are not supposed to pay for dowry and shouldn’t divorce:

Firstly, a wife can ask for a one-sided divorce if mentioned in the marriage contract or ask the husband for divorce if not mentioned. Moreover, if the husband refuses the wife can seek for the same from an Islamic judge. Secondly, asking for dowry from a would-be wife is prohibited is Islam. In fact, a husband is supposed to give a wife a gift called ‘Mehr’.

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9. Islam requires that women should stay behind the veil, but doesn’t educate men any kind of self-restraint:

Contrary to what most people know the Al-Qur’an 24:30 talks about Hijab for men. The next verse talks about women covering their bodies modestly by describing the parts of the body that should be exposed. As you may realize, the kind of Hijab that the almighty describes for men is a bit different from that of women but that doesn’t mean there are no teachings for restraint for men in Islam.

8. There is a requirement for four witnesses to prove a rape case and it’s the rape victim that gets punished for adultery:

By paraphrasing what the (Al-Qur’an 24:4) says, anyone who accuses a man for committing a rape crime should provide four witnesses lest she receives 80 lashes. Basically, the four witnesses are meant for protecting men from being accused falsely by women. The rape victim doesn’t get punished.

7. Islam advocates for honor killings:

The religion is completely against such killings and anybody found guilty is punishable by death in Islam.

6. Women get forced into marriage:

Not even the parents can force their daughter into marrying a man she doesn’t want to get married to in Islam. Marriage only takes place when both the man and woman agree willingly. Once a woman goes to Prophet Muhammad peace be prevails upon her; therefore if anyone forces a woman into marriage she can go to an Islam judge who will invalidate the marriage.

5. Islam subdues the Non Muslims rights to worship:

The religion has made it compulsory for any Islamic state to respect any non Muslim place of worship within its borders. Other non Muslim religions can worship fully as required by their religions without interference from the governing bodies of that state. It also prohibits the usage of abusive language against other non Muslim gods or goddesses.

4. Islam treats women as second class people in the society:

Although men and women are non-identical they are both equal before the almighty. The fact is, while men have a degree of advantage in certain cases women too have more advantage over their male counterparts in certain cases.

3. Islam was broadened by the sword:

Although this is a widespread myth about the religion, most people don’t know that Muslim soldiers actually never faced off with many Muslim majority countries. For example, no Muslim ever went to Indonesia to engage it in a war despite the fact that it has the largest number of Muslims in the World.

2. Islam supports terrorism:

Probably the most widespread myth of all time about Islam across the world is Islam promoting terrorism. Islam doesn’t advocate for terrorism or even the killing of any innocent people.

1. Jihad means Holy War:

The Arabic word for holy war is actually Harbon Muqadasa and not Jihad. On the other hand it comes from the word “Jahada”, which actually means to struggle. Muslims are only thought to struggle for good cause and if anyone struggles for a bad reason like taking lives of innocent lives then he or she has definitely gone against the Qur’an.

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