Top 10 Unknown Color Names

Top 10 Unknown Color Names

We all know our primary and secondary colors. Anything other than those we call a shade of red, a hint of yellow, a mix of grey and blue. If there’s a box of Crayola lying around the house, you might want to check in there. Crayola is the authority when it comes to color names. And they have managed to create names for almost all colors imaginable. Here’s a list of 10 of the most uncommon color names you probably haven’t heard of.

10. Arsenic

Based on the chemical element Arsenic, this color is a cross between grey and blue. The original element was dubbed to appear as metallic grey though.

9. Caput Mortuum

This color is also called Cardinal Purple, probably because the color was a favorite for painting robes of well-known religious figures. A mix of purples and browns make up this color.

Malachite Color

8. Feldgrau

Translated as field grey, Feldgrau, which is a light grey-green, used to be the color of the German uniforms pre and post war.

7. Gamboge

Gamboge was first heard to be used as a color name in 1634. It is described as deep saffron veering to mustard yellow kind of pigment. The name came from a tree of the same name, famous for its yellow resin. This color is widely used in dying the robes of the Buddhist monks.

6. Malachite

Although so named, the compound which makes up the color malachite is not related to the mineral with the same name. The similar color is the only reason why the color is called as such.

5. Icterine

Derived from the Greek word ikteros, meaning jaundice, icterine came about. The color has been described to be jaundice-yellow. The color has been used to describe the plummage of some specific types of birds such as the icterine Warbler and Icterine Greenbul.

4. United Nations Blue

Before it was named Dodger Blue after the Los Angeles Dodgers, this color was called United Nations Blue. It is a brighter azure; kind of pastel is not too loud of a color. The color can be observed from the UN flag, emblem and uniforms of peacekeepers.

3. Verdigris

This color is formed when specific materials such as copper, brass or bronze is exposed to factors such as air or seawater after a long period of time. This is now the color of the Statue of Liberty. Verdigris was usually used to color paintings and other materials of art.

2. Rufous

Rufous was first used as a color name in 1782. Its name came from the Latin word, meaning red. It has been used numerously to describe the plumage of birds. It has a rusty shade of red with a hint of brown in it.

1. Razzmatazz

Often described as a shade of rose, more of crimson or simply put, reddish pink, this is one of the earlier brainchild of Crayola. This was first released in 1993, included in its Big Box of 96. The name was a given by Laura Bartolomei-Hill when she was just 5 years old during the then Name the New Colors Contest.


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