Top 10 Unsolved Serial Killings

Top 10 Unsolved Serial Killings

There are several crimes that shook the world, crimes so brutal that they make you sick to the stomach. However, what makes the perfect sinister crime is when the does if left unpunished, the case unsolved. The fact that the suspect is still on the loose ready to strike anytime, just waiting for the next victim, is truly excruciatingly frightening. Unsolved serial killings make the entire neighborhood within the proximity of the crime as well as other communities close by restless and unsafe. Here are some of the top unsolved crimes that world has been a witness to.

10. The Phantom Killer

In 1976, two cities bearing the same name, Texarkana, in Texas and Arkansas were cloaked with fear for four months. The suspect was called the Phantom Killer. He was so named for how stealthily he committed his crimes, which happened nightly during the weekends and left 5 people killed and 3 people injured. No one really saw how he looked like, except the two victims which managed to survive the attack. He was described as a tall-figured man, with a sack covering his head that had holes for seeing and breathing. Due to the nature of the crime being done at night, the killing has been named, the Texarkana Moonlight Murders.

9. The Doodler Killer

There was a time when being gay in America was a frightful thing. This Doodler was named as such because he would enter the victims ‘ homes, would draw them and then kill them by stabbing them a couple of times. In a span of more than a year, 1974 and 1975, there were 14 young gay men that were killed. The case has been left unsolved because they feared how society would judge their sexual preference more than the killer.


8. The Alphabet Killer

Aside from being all young girls, what the victims had in common were the alliterative initials of their names. Most suspects who were almost charged were cleared when the DNA tests were done. No one has been charged for these murders.

7. The Monster of Florence

Thirty years ago, In Florence, Italy, there have been numerous incidents of killings. The killer murdered 16 people, oftentimes mutilating his female victims’ genitals before going back tin hiding. Many have been interviewed and a lot have been charged for these murders, but still there hasn’t been a resolution.

6. Highway of Tears

Highway 16 in Canada has fallen witness to unheard cries of more than 40 girls who have disappeared while hitchhiking. This road runs at almost 900 miles through British Columbia. This has been dubbed as one of the most amazing highways in the world, so how the Highway of Tears did come to be? Realizing that the road leads to a lot of isolated areas, where the girlsmust have disappeared, it is now understandable why it was named such. Admittedly, the police are having a hard time due to the vastness of the area that is why they ask that no girls go on hitchhiking trips in this area anymore.

5. The Rainbow Maniac

Same as the Doodler who aims for gay men as his target, Rainbow Maniac has killed 13 men since year 2007. The suspect was believed to be a police officer. A certain Francisco Franco was arrested, but there weren’t any charges or conviction that followed after that.

4. Bible John

In the 1960, known as John Templeton, Bible John quoted the bible before he murdered his three victims that were Scottish women. He strangled his victims with the very stockings they wore. Additionally, all three girls were menstruating at the time they were murdered. It seemed like the murderer knew about this as pads and tampons were available near the bodies of the victims.

3. The Boston Strangler

In this set of killings, the killer strangled all his victims, whose age ranged from 19 to 85, using silk stockings. Everyone was abused sexually, but there was no sign that the victims were forced to have the suspect enter their homes. A man named Albert DeSalvo, confessed that he was the murderer. But his inconsistent recollection of the details of the killings led him to his exoneration. It was believed that DeSalvo only wanted credit for the killings.

2. The Zodiac Killer

The killer was dubbed as such for having sent letters to the local press. There were 4 ciphers, but only four were solved surely. He murdered 4 men and 3 women of ages 16 and 29.

1. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was the name given to the most well-known serial killer in London. His attacks involved female prostitutes which the throats he cut and the abdomens mutilated. The Ripper story has led to a number of theories regarding who the real Jack Ripper is. The story has also inspired various productions of books and movies



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