Top 10 Unusual Sports

Top 10 Unusual Sports

Numerous sports such as football,Basketball, tennis, golf et cetera have long been established as legitimate sports and have a wide following of audiences all around the globe. However, outside of the professional leagues, there are a variety of other sports that cater to specific audiences and often can be considered as unconventional. From running after cheeses to swimming in murky waters, the following sports shy away from the normal, yet still provide entertainment to their viewers.

10. Wife Carrying

This sport originated in Finland. It is originally called Eukonkanto and translates to “wife carrying”. The game requires a team composed of one male and one female. The object of the game is to finish an obstacle course in the fastest possible time. Sounds easy? No, not really. The woman grabs the man in the neck with her legs then hangs in his back upside down. And what does the winner get? Aside from the bragging rights that goes with winning, male champions of the Wife Carrying Championships wins a supply of beer with the same weight as his wife.

9. Man vs. Horse

A normal sport usually involves competitors of equal height, weight, strength, even gender. But this sport in Wales allows competition versus man and animal, a horse, to be specific. A man is to outrun a horse, going through a number of obstacles. Winners enjoy a large cash prize, as it’s not every year that a man wins the race.

8. Quidditch

J.K. Rowling not only made a magical world of her own, but even a full-blown sport with such complexity such as a real one. Harry Potter fanatics must be bummed out to not be able to try the sport out. Actually, not being able to fly didn’t stop a number of people from Middlebury College in Vermont to recreate this make-believe sport. They also managed to form the International Quidditch Association, which now has a growing fan base. All Quidditch rules apply; including getting on a broomstick, only there is no flying involved.


7. Bog Snorkelling

Imagine swimming in dark, murky, gross water not being able to use your swimming prowess and having to wear flippers. What you just imagined is a sport that takes place yearly in Llantwrtyd, Wales.

6. Chess Boxing

An ultimate test of wit and physical strength, chess boxing is a popular sport which originated in Germany and the UK. Competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing. The good thing is a player has 3 chances of winning. He can either win by the game of chess, by knocking out the other player of by a decision made by the judges.

5. Unicycle Hockey

Uni-hockey, as enthusiasts fondly call it, has been played for about 25 years now around the world. This is played with the same rules as ice hockey; the only difference is that players ride on unicycles. As if ice hockey isn’t hard enough!

4. Cheese Rolling

As old as a hundred year’s old, this sport is still being played at Cooper’s Hill in England every 22nd of May. The object of the game is to retrieve an 8-pounder wheel of cheese rolled on the steep hill. Injuries are very common in this sporting event. The player who gets the cheese gets to take it home and pose for the cameras.

3. Blind Soccer

A Paralympics event, blind soccer is played by legally blind players. They wear blindfolds and the soccer ball they use has pebbles in it, as indicator that, that is the ball, allowing them to tell where exactly it is. The only non-blind player is the goal keeper.

2. Moustache Growing

Growing beards, believe it or not, is also a sport. Competitors who’d want to join should sign up for the World Beard And Moustache Championships. The event happens every 2 years, allowing the competitors to sport their unusual beards and moustaches. Categories range from the length to the style of the beard.

1. Buzkashi

A sport played very much like polo, Buzkashi is also played while players are strapped on a horse. It is a sport which originated in Central Asia. Consisting of 10 players, the principles are the same as polo. The difference is instead of a mallet and a ball; they use a cow or a goat’s carcass. And given that they use dead animals for play, it is said that players could play really rough against each other.


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