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Top 10 Ways of Inspiring and Supporting the Women’s Ministry during hard times.

Top 10 Ways of Inspiring and Supporting the Women’s Ministry during hard times.

Most religious ministries and churches are doing the best they can do to scale back on planning events so as to avoid overburdening women in these hard economic times. Unfortunately, it’s during these hard economic times that women are supposed to meet for fellowship, encouragement and empowerment. Here are top ten ways on how women leaders can plan events suitable for this economic period.

10. Utilizing the expertise of your own members: You should use some of the women leaders in the group in facilitating and leading this empowerment programs. If you take time to look around, you will realize that almost everyone in your women group has a special gift or talent that you can utilize in such events. Look out for women who posses what you are actually looking for in the experts that you want to hire.

Top 10 Ways Supporting the Women's Ministry

9. Reinventing the covered dish:

The larger part of event costs is tied up in the sections of catering or providing foods to the participants. You can solve this issue by forming a group of women who will designate who brings what into the event! The team that you enlist will also be responsible for designing the theme of the event and the right foods to complement the tone.

8. Networking with Other ministries or Churches: You can trade Bible study materials with other churches in your locality and even organize to amalgamate such events together. You can plan to buy a certain study as the other church buys the other.

7. Planning one night events: You can schedule your events such that you have them during the evenings. In fact, you can have them a bit later when almost everyone has had dinner and thus you might only need a dessert for fellowship during the program or even after.

6. Serve Others: Remember that if you are feeling the impact of the economic crisis there are others who are worse than you; don’t assume everyone is just like you! Conduct service projects that showcase the love of Jesus for others. The fact is that your problems will seem smaller in the face of what other people are actually facing.

5. Starting Support Groups or Programs:

Support and encourage women who are dealing with problems like losing jobs in their households to form groups to support each other for a noble course. You might actually be surprised at how big such a program grows and an outreach it becomes.

4. Breaking the boundaries of the Church: Get out of the ministry or the church and take out those bible study programs to people in their homes. This will help people cut down on the gas costs involved in coming to the churches.

3. Decorating for Less: Decorating issues are of concern in most events that involve women. However, you can assign each of the women to be their own hostesses in decorating their tables or even encourage them to go old school and cheaper with their decorating items.

2. Simplicity and Relevance: Plan events that are designed to address the current situations that they are dealing with. Don’t always stick to routine and set out plans! Talk about issues like dressing, decorating and holidaying on a tight budget.

1. See the bigger Picture: Finally, you can also plan the events so that they coincide with other large church gatherings or programs. For instance, you can do them during church programs

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