Top 10 Ways of Maintaining Your Static Caravan

Top 10 Ways of Maintaining Your Static Caravan

If you want to make the best out of your future holidays, then you should invest in a static caravan for you and your family. However, you have to ensure that you keep the caravan in top notch conditions if you want to enjoy the holiday home. Here are the top ten maintenance practices and tips that you should keep in mind.

10) Gas and Electric Maintenance:

Most static caravans are fitted with gas boilers. You have to make sure that a certified engineer does an annual maintenance on your boiler or better still report any concerns with the boiler to the engineer. You should also have all your electricity systems checked yearly to ensure they are functioning normally.

9) Exterior Maintenance:

You ought to lean the dirt on the exterior parts of your caravan not only to make it look great but also stay waterproof. It’s recommended that you use jet wash and a normal cloth with a detergent on the windows. You can hire cleaning services if you feel that it needs serious cleaning.

Maintain Your Static Caravan

8) Guttering:

You really need to check the gutters on a regular basis. Remove all the leaves and debris so as to ensure that water can pass easily and it’s functioning as it’s supposed to. This simple maintenance task will make your caravan to function properly for several years.

7) Anchoring your static caravan:

The high autumn and winter winds can actually make your caravan to flip over! Ask your park manager or even the caravan retailers to offer you a solution to this problem. You ought to check your caravan on a regular basis. Although some parks offer such maintenance practices even before caravan owners request for the same, you should consider asking for it.

6) Window Latches and Doors:

Ensure that both the doors and windows can close securely and without much difficulty probably due to rust. By ensuring that the latches are in good condition at all times, you will be able to save some quick bucks in the long terms.

5) Check for rust:

Although these caravans are constructed from very sturdy materials, they can rust as they get older. Preventing that from happening through regular maintenance on the chassis among other parts is very vital in keeping it in good condition.

4) Wheels:

Although it’s rare for most people to try moving their caravans around unnecessarily, you ought to be sure the wheels are working.  This way you will prepared for using cranes whenever you want to move it in case you discover that the wheels are not in good condition.

3) Electric Fridge and Freezer:

Since it may take a long time before using the freezer and the fridge in a year, you need to defrost the freezer. This will help you reduce the damp created when it was not in use.

2) Internal Cleaning:

You should always make certain that the static caravan is clean. In fact, by cleaning it regularly you will be able to notice and repair any kind of wear and tear. Get cleaning companies to do the deep cleaning for you if you can’t do it yourself.

1) Static Caravan Insurance:

Make sure that you have ample static caravan insurance. Read in between the lines of the insurance cover policy to make certain that you are covered for accidents among other claims.


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