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Top 10 Ways on How to Make Good Money in Public Speaking

Top 10 Ways on How to Make Good Money in Public Speaking

There are millions of public speakers from various backgrounds who make a living through public speaking. Here are top ten ways on how you can also supplement your income through public speaking.

10. Sell knowledge:

Basically, if you have an interest in public speaking you don’t have to keep knocking doors to get hired for public speaking. You should start your journey by selling what you already have; knowledge. People are more likely to buy your recorded speeches than hire you for a public speaking seminar.

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9. Get sponsorship:

You should think of promoting certain organizations or businesses in your locality by letting them pay your fees and associating your messages to their visions and missions. For example, mortgage or mutual fund businesses can sponsor banking related public speeches. Think of any business that is related to your message or target audience and approach it for sponsorship.

8. Get directly paid:

This is just common knowledge and straight forward. Talk to a corporation or group that is paying you about the terms of payment and learn to settle for direct payments. You should also try to chip in with the idea of a deposit payment. Suggest a certain percentage of the total fee so as to avoid making substantial losses especially if you are new in the industry.

7. Speakers Bureaus:

If you join such a bureau you’ll get more chances of being hired because most established clients locate speakers through these bureaus. Although the bureau might take up to about %25 of your fees, you’ll definitely be well placed strategically.

6. Public Seminars:

Although this sounds like a simple approach, you have to know how to go about it carefully so as to benefit from it! You can print tickets and market your seminars by selling them to both corporations who want to their employees to attend and individuals.

5. Telephone Seminars:

Even though using bridge lines and conference calls for your seminars can be very expensive it does work well in certain cases. It will help participants and yourself in saving some quick bucks in terms of travel expenses.

4. Webcasts:

This is a little bit cheaper as compared to using telephone. If your participants have a stable internet connection, they can join the seminars from the comfort of their offices or homes through their computer screens.

3. Training Companies:

You can get hired by certain companies so as to public speak to outside or private participants in the company. You can also come up with a program, as a seminar leader, that will be paid for every time it’s used by the company that contracted you.

2. Speak Free:

For you to promote your business even further, you should consider doing free public speaking seminars. There are hundreds of professionals in various industries who hold free seminars so as to get new clients or business partners. However, you ought to ensure that you deliver information that will help improve the status of business and make it more established.

1. Speak As Part Of Your Job:

If your company has a speakers’ bureau, you should also consider joining voluntarily so as to get paid whenever you are chosen to represent the company. Although you’ll be on company time while doing the job, you are likely to get paid indirectly.

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