Top 10 Ways people Abuse Mattresses

Top 10 Ways people Abuse Mattresses

On a very light note, there are people who abuse mattresses from across the world. It is not easy to endure seeing a quality mattress being subjected to some of the horrid acts we see on the internet or TV. Moreover, there are people who practice these unpleasant acts in their homes almost on a daily basis. Here is a list of the top ten abuses that you should avoid subjecting your mattress to if you want to get the best comfort when you retire to bed after a busy day. It’s laughable at how some people become experts with their mattresses in their backyards.

10) As a trampoline:

Several homes across the country use trampolines. In fact, it is not surprising to see insurance companies spending millions of dollars in trampoline accidents. Although most people enjoyed the trampolines when they were kids, how many mattresses do you see being used as trampolines in the backyards of most homes nowadays?


 (9) As a Sun shade:

Of course a mattress can be a perfect way to absorb the hard UV rays but using it as a sun shade in not right. The human body has many functions which end up producing and releasing by-products such a sweat and filth among others. When these by-products get cooked in the sun they smell really bad.

(8) A sled in winter:

Using a mattress for a sled during winter is just wrong, or desperate. Surely, you can walk into a store and get a plastic sled for just a few bucks or better still use a trashcan lid just right outside your house.

(7) Baseball Wall:

Although setting it up as a target wall can sound like a viable option for a baseball player or fanatic, it is purely abusive. The repetitive pegging of the mattress with a hardball is just like being poked on the nose regularly.

(6) To act as a backer for a gun/crossbow shooting target:

You must have noticed that people put their mattresses against the wall so as use them when training on their target shooting. This kind of execution of the mattress by using bullets and carbon arrows is not pleasant.

(5) Used in a knife mission:

Throwing knives at a mattress is more like venting your anger towards the wrong person. If you do it because you never find quality in the sack, you simply need to find another type of mattress and thus use a different material for your knives.

(4) Base for a camp fire.

Some campers have taken it a bit too far. They use the mattress as a base for a great bonfire. There are several options of getting a better material for your campfires and using the mattresses for their proper purposes while out there camping in the wild. You should consider buying firewood from the nearby shops in most campgrounds and campsites.

(3) As a sumo suit:

If you feel venting out your anger on a loved one try to spend some cash to dawn a real one. Think of the fun and protection that comes with it.

(2) As a wrestling mat:

Even if it works it just makes for a small “wrestling mat” regardless of how big it’s. It is not a comfortable makeshift stage especially when the mattresses separate from each if they grouped together on the ground. So instead of risking your career don’t risk hitting the hard surface really hard by using mattresses as stage mats for wrestling or boxing exercises.

(1) As a safe landing when jumping off the roof:

The only reason why you might want to jump off a building is to be the hero who can jump off buildings and show it off on the internet. Before, you start being a genius on how you are going to create that small video that can go viral on YouTube in a few minutes, think smarter to avoid breaking your backbone.


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