Top 10 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Top 10 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Do you know, it is not just our body that needs some exercise? Our brain needs a dose of exercise or brain-boosting activity as well so it can function the way we want to. Having a healthy brain enables us to do the things we need to do and provides us a sharps mind as well. Here’s a list on how you can provide the right exercises for your brain:

10. Sudoko

This is a number puzzle game, wherein you fill up grid of numbers. Some people find it a fun and addictive game because it challenges you and it improves your problem-solving skills. You can play Sudoko anywhere; you can find it on magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Android, and on your iOS devices as well.

9. Wikipedia:Random

You can learn anything in a wide array of topics or subjects every day by using Wikipedia. Learning something new every day keeps your brain healthy. Instead of sitting around and wondering what to do the rest of the afternoon, why not try to grab a random article on Wikipedia when you have nothing to do on your spare time.

8. Practice Simple Math Every Day

It is easy to practice simple math problems with a piece of paper. A minute of simple math helps your brain in shape and solve math problems on school faster, without the use of a calculator.

7. Write Instead of Type (More Often)

Even though writing with the use of a pen and a paper is not efficient as keyboards, writing can help you acquire new ideas. It filters your brain system that focuses on anything you think of at that time.

6.  Act Like You’re Teaching

By acting as if you’re teaching yourself, you can enhance your skills instead of repeating the task you need to complete daily.

5. Tell Yourself Stories

Telling yourself a story exercises your brain; it makes it easier to recall the things that you want to remember as well. It gives you focus and can put the right emotion with what your trying to remember. Storytelling is the best medicine for Alzheimer’s disease for this activity can improve the memory.

4. Lumosity

This is a webapp, which specializes in brain-training activities. First, you have to sign up before you play. You will choose a goal exercise the website provides. When you’re done, you will know the rating you get so you can improve yourself each day if you don’t get the high score required.

Top 10 Ways to Exercise Your Brain

3. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to reduce your stress level. You don’t have to do anything or wear anything, you just need to find a quiet and comfortable place so you can meditate freely.

2. Learn About Your Brain’s Fault and Account for Them

Your brain does many good things but also has bad things too. You may not be able to fix those things you’ve done wrong but at least you can prevent doing it again by learning from your mistakes.

1. Exercise and Eat Well

You surely find it hard to function if your brain is empty. It won’t follow what you want. That’s why exercise and eating a proper diet is important to sharpen our brain and improve its function.



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