Top 10 Ways to Love A Job You Hate

Top 10 Ways to Love A Job You Hate

There are just times that you will feel too tired and bored of your job. Your once well-sought after work might become your most hated daily routine. You will end up questioning yourself and asking for other venues where you can be truly happy. But, sometimes, the best way to address this is to adapt with these situations.

10. Don’t Make Work Your “Ultimate Thing”

Don’t stress yourself with too much work. Balance your life.

9. Keep A Paper Trail Of Everything That You Do

Take note of all the results and happening of your projects. This way you make your own perspective. This will be a good reference to quantify your efforts.

8. Make Some Friends At Work

Creating healthy bonds within your unsatisfying work can change the mood. You can get enough connections and company to lighten up a day’s load.

7. Locate The Actual Source Of Your Stress – And Then Learn Some Stress Busting Techniques

Know what stresses you – fatigue, hormones. And, make necessary adjustments with yourself and deal with those worries and tensions before they affect your judgment conviction.

6. Be A Blessing To The People Around You

Feeling discontented with your job might be common, but there will be others who feel more of it. Make some efforts to remove this dissatisfaction. This way you can make a difference and eventually add more good vibes.

5. Be Grateful For The Little Things

Negative thoughts might be hovering you, but, one of the best ways to fight these is to be more optimistic. Find ways to convince yourself that there are little things that can make your job worthwhile.

4. Figure Out If You’re The One At Fault

Sometimes you may deny that you’re part of the problem. Face it. All those criticisms will be there. But, try to adapt to them and you might end up loving your job.


3. Avoid Gossip and Negativity

Hating a job can be viral. One or two people can feel the same way and can even become closer due to that common feeling. But, the more that both of you ponder on the fact that you feel unjustified and abused, the more the work becomes tough. But these miseries and difficulties are part of a typical work. If things get so problematic, complain to the higher body or to somebody who can do some change.

2. Do Work That Matters To You

There will be times that extra projects will be given to you. Try to get through them with a work diary. Fill that notebook with assignments and achievements. Once in a while, review what you have done so far and try to find something out of it. Asses if those projects seem to give major impacts on you and your company. If there are no changes, a simple talk with your bosses or your co-workers can enlighten you on what else can be done.

1. Figure Out What’s Different Now

It is more likely that your first day on your job was not that horrible compared to the latter days. You need to work on this. What is really different now? Is there something you can change? If you have problems with the change of management, you may consider other job opportunities with different people. If that hate is due to increased work load, try to ask help from colleagues and bosses. Or if you’re just tired of the work, find other ways to dare you more.


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