Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child

Your children are your pride and joy. Anything they become is going to reflect on you as a parent. Thus, motivating your little one in the right way is essential. Here are 10 ways on proper motivation for children.

(10) Be an example.

As a parent, you always need to practice what you preach. If you want your child to get into reading habits, then you must read yourself. If you want her to finish her vegetables, then you must finish yours as well. Seeing you doing it will motivate your child in many ways and if it is the other way around, they will just feel like being forced into something you don’t want to do yourself.

(9) Don’t reward with food.

If you must reward, reward them with time instead. Rewarding them with food will teach them emotional eating. They will grow up to binge or develop an eating disorder. Food should not be their form of motivation otherwise; they will result to comfort eating in the future.

(8) Help them set goals.

Before trying to push your child to be better, make sure they know what they are working hard for. Tell them how awesome it is to be on the top ten of the class and to gain a medal. Explain to them the many health benefits of joining the soccer team. And so on and so forth. Once they are able to learn how great the results are, provide them with a time line such as, practice soccer at least twice a week and sign up for the soccer team by September.

(7) Praise both results and efforts.

Most of the time, parents praise their children because of great results. However, how often do you praise your children for trying? Their efforts matter. Besides, a child needs to try several times before he can get anything perfect, so make sure you constantly praise their efforts for trying and working hard.

(6) Set up a study spot.

If your children do not identify one spot in your house that she can associate with studying, she won’t be able to initiate studying by her. There are many ways to do this and it isn’t so expensive as well. Just set up a small table in the corner with proper lighting and a small shelf for her stuff.

(5) Teach them the value of resiliency.

Resilient children are ready no matter what life throws at them. If they are resilient, then they will remain motivated. This is important because during childhood, they will experience many failures. Show them how to switch approaches if one approach does not work. Show them that focus is important to solve many problems.

(4) Be kind but firm.

There will be times that your child will say no whenever asked to do a certain task for school. Don’t go all crazy and mad right away. Be kind in your response. Say you need to do this first before play time.


(3) Cause and Effect

Always say “if you” sentences to your child. Teach them the consequences of their current actions. For example, you can say “if you don’t study for your quiz tomorrow, you will get a low grade” or “if you don’t finish your vegetables, you won’t have enough energy for play time”.

(2) Observe their learning style.

Different children have various learning styles. Before you motivate your child to study more, you must find out the most effective way to teach him. Some children learn by hearing, seeing or doing.

(1) Love your children.

Don’t be too hard on your child. Don’t make it a duty to motivate them to do things. Do all these because you love them and they will respond in a very positive way.


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