Top 10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Consumption

Top 10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Consumption

Plastic is one of the wastes that is very bad for the environment. This is why many environmentalists focus on how to reduce the plastic consumption in their respective communities. However, you also need to ask yourself personally on how you can help. Here are 10 very easy ways that you can do to help the environment by lessening plastic consumption.

(10) Don’t Buy Bottled Water

You just don’t get to reduce plastic usage, you also get to save money as well. Invest on a nice and durable tumbler which you can just refill. If every person does this in the office, plastic consumption will decrease. Avoid buying bottled juices as well.

(9) Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Many malls and groceries already implement this. Whenever you go to the market or grocery store, remember to bring one with you. Buy several ones and always keep some in the car just I case you go on an emergency shopping spree.

(8) Purchase Milk and Juice in Paper Cartons

Milk and juice is always part of your grocery list. Don’t buy those stored in plastic. Purchase those that are in paper cartons instead. Remember, we should stop supporting manufacturers who keep on using plastic.

(7) Use Old Newspaper to Wrap Packages

Whenever we ship fragile items, we often wrap them using bubble wrap. It will be more cost effective to wrap them in paper and it will help the environment, too.

(6) Use Cloth NappiesInstead of Diapers

Diapers are very difficult to dispose of. In addition to this, they are very expensive! So why not use cloth nappies instead. There are many nice ones being sold for a very low price and are very easy to wash as well.

(5) Wax Paper instead of Plastic Wrap

When there is left over food, we tend to place it on a plate and cover it with plastic wrap. Use wax paper instead or reuse microwavable Tupperware or even ice cream containers. You get to recycle, reduce plastic consumption and help Mother Earth.

(4) Buy Ham or Peanut Butter in Glass Jars

Bread is simply boring without jam. However, never buy those in plastic containers. There are many delicious flavored jam that are placed in glass. If it’s butter that you want with your bread, then you can go for butter sticks or bars instead of those in plastic tubs.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

(3) Don’t Ask for a Straw

It would already be a big help if you eat out and inform the waiter not to include a straw in your drink. Encourage others to do this as well. This could be your simple anti-straw drive for the community. If everyone does this, it would already be a big change.

(2) Lessen Your Garbage

You often dispose of stuff in a plastic bag. Thus, less garbage means less plastic used. Recycle what you can. Left overs, fruit peelings, rotten vegies and the like should be buried back to the ground to act as fertilizer.

(1)   Let Your Community Be Aware Of The Negative Effects of Plastic Consumption

Information dissemination is very powerful. By letting everyone in your community know about plastic consumption and its dangers, you are able to raise awareness and create a cause that can help the environment.

  • Aleeza Kym

    Great ideas on how we can decrease plastic consumption. Would be great for it to be implemented by every individual.


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