Top 10 Ways to Stop Corruption

Top 10 Ways to Stop Corruption

Corruption is a serious crime which slowly drains the economic wealth. This is one of the critical issues around the world especially in under developed and developing countries. Ignorance towards such issue can have devastating effects on the economy. Corruption is making its presence felt in almost every field today. Some of these include education system, food and health department, government sector,etc. Corruption should be brought to an end for the development of the country. There are many ways to end corruption.

10. Economic growth

Poor economic growth is one of the most important factors responsible for the increase in corruption. Government should start spending more on education, increase the incentives to work, increase the exports by self producing and reduce the imports. These are some of the measures which will help to raise the economic growth and ultimately reduce corruption.

9. Management

The representatives who are elected to manage the public funds should be reliable. They should not misuse the public funds for their own welfare.It is very important to build a reliable and trustworthy management system to prevent corruption.

8. Follow the rules

Rules and regulations play a vital role in the development of a country. It helps to maintain discipline in the country. People should sincerely follow all the rules and regulations to prevent corruption.

7. Don’t compromise

When someone asks you to break the rules for some amount of money, don’t compromise in that situation. Your compromise will only promote corruption in the country.

6. Complaint

File a complaint when someone forces you to break the rules even after your refusal.This will create a fear in the minds of people for being punished under the law which will ultimately reduce corruption.

5. Political involvement

The system becomes strong when we appoint reliable people to govern it. The leaders should serve the country not rule the country. Corrupt politicians don’t serve the country. They only encourage people to increase corruption.

4. Selfish behaviour and greed

The motive behind the act of corruption is alwaysthe selfish behaviour and greed for money of a person. Selfishness encourages a person to get involved in such crime. If we stop being selfish, it will contribute towards the economic growth of our country and will also end corruption.

Stop Corruption

3. Severe punishment

Crime never pays.It is true that crime never pays but criminals do. The laws related to corruption should be made strict and the punishment for corruption should be very severe so that anyone will think twice before engaging in corruption.

2. Change in yourself

Changing your own self makes a lot of difference when it comes to being corrupt. Charity begins at home. You cannot expect people to change until there is a change in yourself. You should change your view towards corruption and promise yourself that you will never be a part of corruption.

1. Contagious                    

Corruption is an extremely contagious crime. It should be ended before it increases. The economic growth of the country can be improved if corruption is put to an end.


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