Top 10 Wedding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 10 Wedding Mistakes You Should Avoid

A wedding day is a dream come true to most people especially girls. However, with the numerous details involved in preparing your wedding day, so as to make it the perfect special day that you thought of when you were a young a girl, it’s easy to overlook some vital things and end up ruining the whole day or making it less-perfect. Consider these top ten wedding mistakes that you should avoid.

10) Wedding overload:

After the first week of engagement, chances are you will start circling dates on the calendar, call friends and family for advice and even buy several wedding magazines to read as many wedding tips as possible. Most people who get paced up like this end up burning themselves out even before the wedding! Take out some time to go somewhere far with your fiance and enjoy the moment and tart planning slowly.

Top 10 Wedding Mistakes

9) Guest List Drama:

You don’t have to invite everyone you and your fiances have ever known! Of course you will have to disappoint someone at some point. Your duty is make the best out of the wedding and not everyone happy. Make a guest list according to your budget.

8) Weather or not:

It’s advisable that you consider the time of the year and of course season when choosing a location for reception. It might not be the chirping birds with blue skies on the wedding day as it is today. Think about that carefully before settling for a certain location for your reception.

7) One More Round:

Be careful during the bachelorette or bachelor parties. Since you want everyone to look the best and be the best on the wedding photos and videos, you should be careful what you and friends take during such parties, a day before the wedding day. Guests with hangovers can be one of the worst hindrances that you want to see at your wedding.

6) Postage Due:

There are various sizes of wedding invitations such as the ones tied with satin ribbons and pocket wedding invitations among others. You should avoid return envelopes with the ugly “postage due” on them. Be careful in going about the postage to avoid wasting time after announcing the wedding date. Get them weighed and pay the right postage before dropping them in the mailbox.

5) Hunger Strike:

It’s not surprising to see a bride, groom or even party member falling down due to hunger on a wedding day. Even though the wedding is too busy and overwhelming, you ought to take out some time and eat. At least ensure that you eat something even if you are too excited to desire any food. In fact, you should take a personal initiative of reminding your party members and your fiancé to do the same.

4) Dress to Impress:

Since most people buy their perfect wedding dresses just within the first month of engagement, they never get to try them on again until the wedding day. Unfortunately chances are the dress is a bit bigger or smaller some months down. Therefore, ensure that you try the dress to see whether there is need for any alterations a day or two before the wedding.

3) Type of rings:

After ensuring that you are good to go walk down the aisle and it is everything-check, you should think about the wedding rings. Just to be sure confirm that the right types of rings are intact, for the last time, as planned before you check out.

2) No Thanks:

Remember you are the hostess, don’t allow certain people who might try to monopolize you from making rounds and welcoming everyone to the party. This is your special day, and besides walking around and appreciating your guests during the wedding day you can as well send them thank you handwritten notes a few weeks after the wedding.

1)  In the Zone:

It’s very easy to get lost in the mayhem and forget enjoying your special day. Stop doing the planning even on the wedding day! Just convince yourself that you did the best planning you could have done and let the other members of the party handle anything that might come up. Never, should you start solving issues that may arise during your wedding day and miss out on the nuances.


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