Top 10 Wedding Preparation Tips

Top 10 Wedding Preparation Tips

Weddings are meant to be memorable, fun and enchanting. However, before the big event is a series of days, weeks and months of running around and getting things done. Hiring a wedding planner is just too expensive so it’s understandable that you are doing this all by yourself. Thus, here are 10 wedding preparation tips just for you.

(10) Create a timeline.

It is important to keep a timeline of the things you are about to do. If you have this as a guide, then there is something for you to follow and you won’t skip out on any important detail for your wedding.

Top 10 Wedding Preparation Tips

(9) Ask help.

Whether it is from your future hubby, maid of honor, mom or other friends, make sure you get some help. Preparing for a wedding can be very stressful and you will break down at least once or twice so let people in to help you out.

(8) Canvass early.

The earlier you canvass for all the things you need, the higher the chance that you find inexpensive suppliers for everything you need in your wedding. Remember, you still have a honeymoon to save for.

(7) Set a budget.

Don’t start anything before setting up a budget. Your budget is highly important though out your planning process. You don’t want to over spend on your photographer and be short in cash with the food. So have this straightened out ASAP.

(6) Create your guest list early.

Sit down with your partner and make sure you have a clear picture of how many people will be attending your wedding so that you know details like how big your venue should be and how many food you should order. Don’t forget to include the plus ones of each guest.

(5) RSVP

Once you have the guest list final, call everyone up and inform them of the date of your wedding so that they can file their leaves at work especially if they will be coming from a far place. In this process, you will also be able to eliminate those who won’t be able to come.

(4) Reception plans.

If you think the wedding is the only toxic part of the day, wait until you get to the reception. The reception will last longer and expect it to get really crazy. Make sure no one gets too drunk, the band should be ready with your playlist, the food should be good and the list goes on and on.

(3) Back-ups for everything.

Always have just-in-case back-ups. For instance, in the event that it rains, what is your back up transportation for everyone? In the event that the beer is short, where do you plan to buy more which is convenient for you?

(2)Pamper yourself before the big day.

The day before the wedding should be for you! Everything should be done by now and all you have to do is get your hair done, go to a spa, have newly painted nails and relax. Sleep early as well because tomorrow is your big day!

(1) Enjoy!

This is probably the only time you will be planning your own wedding. It is important that you enjoy this phase with your spouse-to-be. Take everything lightly and don’t stress yourself out.


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