Top 10 Weird Beliefs About Weekends

Top 10 Weird Beliefs About Weekends

For people who work from Mondays to Fridays, weekends are the most exciting days of the week. You will see how the bars are fully-packed starting Friday night. Out of town trips, a get-together, and other activities for yourself are mostly scheduled on a weekend. However, there are superstitions around the world that says that the Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most dangerous days of the week. Whether it is true or not, weekends indeed have more accidents and death as shown in statistical records.

10. Unlucky Friday

Tired of the hectic schedule of your first four working days? Here’s your excuse to a lazy Friday. Tell your boss about the Irish superstition that Fridays are the most unluckiest days of the week. Hopefully, you could convince him to bug you later, maybe on Monday, because there is lower chance for unfortunate events to happen.

9. Respect fairies especially on Fridays

For kids, fairies are cute magical creatures that they long to see but they could be frightening. The Irish believes that no one should speak ill of fairies during Fridays. If they happen to hear you, take all the precautions that you can because they are likely do some work of evil on you.

8. Be careful of when to shave

The Italians have a belief that you should not shave on a Fridays unless for this exception; it must be the first Friday of the month of March. Another says that you will be on debt for most of the time if you shave your head on Saturdays. Men must see to it that they schedule hair trimming on other days because Chinese believes that it is unlucky to have messy facial hairs.

7. No burials on Fridays

Thai’s word for Friday sounds like their term for happy so they do not want to bury their dead on this day.

6.   A weird collection

Aside from fingernail cutting during Fridays or Sundays is a bad luck, you should also not throw them away. You could choose to bury or burn them but if you want, you could also opt for making it your collection.

5. The dangerous flower

Depending on the day, the first flower of spring could not be a beauty to behold. Your future will be full of wealth if you see it on a Friday. Sundays are good too but be sure not to look for it during Saturdays because it will bring bad luck.

4. Upcoming mothers should know this

If you are pregnant that is due soon, try not to deliver the baby on Wednesdays and Saturdays because they are not the best day for coming out into this world.

Weird Beliefs

3. Good Fridays are not always good

Having a haircut on a Good Friday will save you from headaches for a year but be sure not to get lost on this day because people will not find you until Easter.

2. Choose your wedding day carefully

It might be inconvenient for your guests but Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the best days for a wedding not to mention cheaper because lesser will be able to attend.

1. The classic Friday the 13th

Most people know about this because of movies shown around the world that portrays the horror of a Friday the 13th. Well, the bottom line is this is a very unlucky day.


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