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Top 10 Weirdest eBay Sales

Top 10 Weirdest eBay Sales

eBay is an online portal which acts as a meeting place for people who want to sell something with people who want to buy. Practically everything can be found on this website. It is quite unlikely that you want something but do not find it on eBay. As a consequence, there are some items that normal people would not want, but they are available for sale anyway on eBay. Below is a list of 10 such items.

10. iMac Computer Cage for Hamsters

This is a monitor of an old iMac computer, with all the insides removed. The screen is replaced with a steel net and is apparently intended for pet animals. We will admit we don’t know why the seller is sending along the keyboard and mouse of the iMac.

9. Yelling Services

Justin Vames thought up all the ways he could save up for college. One way was to offer an ear for people who want to yell their hearts out. That is right, just pick up your phone, dial Justin Vames’s number and scream and shout all you want. After all, you paid a price for it.

8. Mutant Cucumber

This is a cucumber with a spiral shape. According to the seller, this plant looks like a caterpillar and is a must have for people who collect weird items. If placed neatly on the table in the living room, it could prove to be an amazing conversation starter.

mutant cucumber

7. Medicinal Nipple Hair

The seller claims that hair cut off from around his nipple have the power to heal diseases. All you have to do is scotch tape the hair around the part of the body where it hurts and the pain will vanish instantly.

Medicinal nipple hair

6. Face in Chocolate Chip Cookie

So some cook actually took some time out to take a picture of an apparent face on a cookie, which is a fairly common occurrence, and put it up on eBay and expected to get a good price out of it.

5. Sun-dried California Bees

The seller wants to earn money for a jar full of dried Yellow jacket bees, and a whole pint of them. According to the description of the item, the bees are “ready for your creative use”.

4. Silicon Rubber Tapeless Foreskin Tugger

The seller claims that circumcised people have no idea what they are missing by having the extra amount of skin cut off. With this item, you can feel what you would have felt, had you still had the skin intact.

3. Petrified Dead Frog

This is a dead frog in a position to suggest that it had been executed. Back legs bent and just sitting on the floor. The seller claims ignorance of what killed the frog and why.

2. Halloween Prop Female Dismembered

This Halloween prop is a group of female body parts made of top class silicone material. It used to be a doll but was then used as a Halloween decoration after dismemberment.

1. Dead Fairy

This is allegedly a mummified corpse of a fairy. The size is about the same as that of the common tree leaf and admittedly is quite creepy to have around.

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