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Top 10 Windows Mobile Devices

Top 10 Windows Mobile Devices

Android and iOS have taken the smartphone world by storm with most of the consumer opting for one of these two operating systems. However, Windows Phone 8 is also a solid system and quite a few phones are designed to run Microsoft’s latest smartphone innovation. If you are planning to buy a Windows Mobile anytime soon, you might want to do a little research to know a few things about the specifications of the available options. Below is a list of the top 10 best smartphones that use Windows Mobile as the operating system.

10. HTC HD2

This is an unconventionally large smartphone with a giant 4.3 inch display. The 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes it a good option if you want to run different applications on the phone.

9. Palm Treo Pro

This is the last ever Windows Phone released by Palm and it would be hard to find a QWERTY Windows Phone that has a better design that this. Remember that it was HTC who did the actual manufacturing of the Palm Treo Pro.

8. Toshiba TG01

Toshiba has not been one of the front running companies in the Smartphone industry, but it should be given due credit for manufacturing the first phone that ran a 1 GHz processor. This was something really impressive back in the day.

7. HTC Touch Pro2

It is hard to forget about the HTC Touch Pro simply because of its awesome design with a built in sliding QWERTY keyboard. The screen can be tilted up giving it the look of a laptop.

6. Samsung OMNIA

This phone has a 5 megapixel camera and also an optical trackpad. It was known for its remarkable video playback capabilities. Back in those days, being able to play XviD and DivX was pretty impressive.

5. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

These days, all the Smartphones released by Sony are branded and marketed as XPERIA, but the interesting thing is that when this line of phones started out, the operating system was not Windows Phone and not Android.

4. Palm Treo 700w

This phone was the first Palm device that shipped with Windows Mobile as its operating system. All the cool specs of the time were included in this phone like a QWERTY keyboard in portrait style.

Top 10 Windows Mobile Palm Treo

Palm Treo Pro

3. Samsung SGH-i760

If you like buttons on your device, then this device is for you. The Samsung SGH-i760 is covered in buttons in all style. The QWERTY keyboard can be slid open and the numeric keypad is directly below the display.

2. HTC Touch

After the release of the first iPhone, many phone companies jumped into the business of touchscreen phones. HTC Touch was one of the phones that got closest to challenging the iPhone. This phone used Windows Mobile as its operating system in a bid to get ahead of the Apple flagship.

1. LG eXpo

Today we see that LG is doing pretty good in the smartphone industry. But back in the day, LG was not that much in the game. This is the only LG phone that is featured on this list. It has a QWERTY keyboard and is aimed at business people.

Top 10 Windows Phone LG Expo

LG Expo

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