Top 10 Worst Jobs in The United States of America

Top 10 Worst Jobs in The United States of America

The United States of America is known as the land of honey, the land of opportunity, and the land of greener pasture. Different jobs simply abound in this country and this is one of the major reasons why millions and millions of people from different parts of the world came here to settle and work. The influx of immigrants still continues to these days. But you should know the nature of every work in the US and this time let’s take a look at the top 10 worst jobs in the country today.

10. Mail Carrier

Working as a mail carrier can give you lots of benefits and advantages like having a stable job, high median income, and a good pension from the federal. However, the thing that makes this job one of the worst is the fact that you need to work even on Christmas and even during heavy snowfalls and blizzards.

9. Meter Reader

This job offers low stress levels and also provides relatively good income especially to senior workers. The downsides include poor outlook in terms of hiring because of increased automation, working status in different types of weather conditions, and little opportunity for promotion.

8. Construction Worker

This job is something heavy and hard but offers a good income plus overtime. It also gives a person the opportunity to become a contractor. It’s a worse job because it demands physical efforts exerted in all weather conditions, high risks on accidents, injuries and death, and seasonal layoffs.

7. Taxi Driver

To work as a taxi driver in the US gives you a great deal of independence and the opportunity to set your very own hours. However, this job can be worse because it offers a relatively low income, high risk on robbery, and unpleasant environment.

6. Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors in the US get the advantage of having a secured time as long as trash remains available. It offers a high salary for unskilled workers. The worse part of this job is that you get to expose yourself in all weather conditions collecting, lifting, and dumping trash of other people.

5. Welder

This job offers a descent income but is easily affected by economic slumps. One may also get the risk of acquiring injuries from it.

4. Dairy Farmer

Dairy products like milk are continually enjoying high demand rates. However, to work in the dairy farms requires long hours, dangerous workplace (sometimes) due to exposure to animals like cows.

Worst Jobs

3. Ironworker

This job gives a good pay during strong economic situations, however, when the economy becomes low, low pay and layoffs are prevalent, too. It also gives high risks on injuries because one climbs and balances while he performs his job. Thus, a great deal of concentration is needed in this kind of job.

2. Lumberjack

It offers great outdoor exposures and exercise at the same time. But this job becomes worse because one has to work in all weather conditions and gets injured easily due to lack of precaution.

1. Roustabout

Provides a good income but one needs to work long hours in isolated work areas (offshore) with dangerous and dirty working conditions. Injury or even death is potential in this kind of job, too!


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