Top 10 Worst Paintings Of All Times

Top 10 Worst Paintings Of All Times

Often we imagine paintings to be good and beautiful to keep in our house or hang it in our bedroom. But some artists have come up with terrific paintings from the reality of life or from myths.  Here are the top 10 list of such terrific paintings.

10. Painting Title: The Great Red Dragon and the Beast of the Sea

Painter: William Blake

William Blake is well known for his engravings and romantic poetry. This water colour series portrays that the great red dragon, which is an avatar of the Devil is diminished in glory standing over the seven headed beast from the sea.

9. Painting Title: Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Innocent X

Painter: Francis Bacon

Bacon was a very influential artist of the 20th century. Here he shows that Pope Innocent X is about to say something and have him shrieking.

8. Painting Title: Dante and Virgil in hell

Painter: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William was famous for his realistic paintings. The picture was all about Dante’s inferno, with the imagery of tortuous damnation which inspired many artists since it was published.

7. Painting Title: The Death of Marat

Painter: Edvard Munch

Jean Paul Marat was a leading political body in the French revolution who suffered from skin disease and used to spend most of this time in the bathtub and work on his writings. Here Charlotte Corday killed him and Munch’s picture was the best of all versions.

6. Painting Title: Heads Severed

Painter: Theodore Gericault

Gericault was a romantic painter. He wanted to break through the classism which had a standard painting style. So he came out with the concept of the morgue where he found limbs and severed heads and also in the dissection lab of a hospital.

5. Painting Title: The Temptation Of Saint Anthony

Painter: Matthias Grunewald

Grunewald was famous for painting religious imagery during the Renaissance period. St Anthony the Great had to face many hurdles while worshipping in the desert and at last the demons killed him in a cave.

4. Painting Title: Mask Still Life III

Painter: Emil Nolde

Emil Node was known as an expressionist painter. This painting came out as a study of different masks found in the Berlin museum as well as shrunken head.

Worst Paintings

3. Painting Title: Saturn Devouring His Son

Painter: Francisco Goya

According to Roman mythology, the father of the Gods used to eat their own children to ensure that no greater power ever emerges than him. It is generally an act of child murder. It was painted on the wall of the painter’s house.

2. Painting Title: Judith Beheading Holofernes

Painter: Caravaggio

It portrays the incident of Israel were, Israel was under attack and Judith went to win Holofernes, the general’s, heart and then gets him drunk and decapitate him to save Israel with the help of her handmaid.

1. Painting Title: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Painter: Hieronymus Bosch

The painting has three panels. First The Garden Of Eden, second The Garden Of Earthly Delight and in the last panel signifies punishments for those who commit sins in the earthly garden. Bosch showed his true witty details and talent here.


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