Top 10 Flower Bouquets.

Top 10 Flower Bouquets.

If you have forgotten his/her birthday, or just have to meet someone, or given a token of thanks or even congratulate, you can just pick up a beautiful bouquet and still surprise your close one. Flowers are the most popular and wonderful gift all over the world.

And this article is to give you the list of top ten bouquets, so that you do not get confused on entering a flower shop full of amazing flowers.

Top Ten Flower Bouquets.

10. Birthday balloon-chocolates-flower bouquets
The name has not been typed wrongly. Nowadays, bouquets are available with flowers and chocolates and balloons in the same package. Good things come in small packages.
You can choose the chocolates and previously false flowers were used but now real customized ones are used too.

9. Rose bouquets
Rose bouquets, though very common, never fail to make someone happy. The bouquet maybe gracefully designed with many colorful roses together or garden roses with warm roses can enhance a bouquet. A bouquet full of crimson roses flaunts sophistication blended with beauty and simplicity. Shades of yellow roses in a form of a bouquet are a lovely choice for someone who is not fond of red roses.
A tiny yellow rose surrounded by rich shades of pink and baby pink roses of different sizes shows off a look of picked-up-from-the garden look while a bouquet of white, peach roses mixed with purples and blues of seasonal flower also tops the chart.
Bouquets teamed with some roses and different stems flaunt intelligence and green with beauty and creativity. And, last but not the least, a bouquet with the simplest orange, pink, peach, yellow roses tied with a dramatic white ribbon never fails to make a person fall in love with them.

8. Tulip Bouquets
The Tulip bouquets can be used for wedding purposes as well.
Calla Lilies and Tulips are the best friends in a bouquet for any occasion. A hand-made pastel bouquet rich with fragrance and subtle color finished off with a satin ribbon brings out the true beauty of tulips, poppies and the kind.

7. Orchid Bouquets
A colored orchid bound together in a form of bouquet attracts all the attention. And who would not want to be amazed by a green bouquet? Pale green shade of the Brazillia with the pink tone of tube-roses and a dramatic green rather lime green orchids provide a burst of contrast.

6. Lily Bouquets
Calla Lilies in a sheaf, with a flat top and tapered bottom is perfect for someone who is a lover of simplicity.
A collection of white Calla Lilies put together in any form in a bouquet will stand out against the elegant dark purple Calla Lily bouquet- again a favorite, or the innocent pink bouquet and the rest.

5. Anthurium Bouquets
Anthurium Bouquets with say two and other seasonal ones is an extra-ordinary bouquet set to surprise the environment.

4. A modern Bouquet of mixed flowers is for the new generation fond of change.

3. Create a Starry Night by presenting a bouquet consisting of Stargazer Lilies, roses and orchids to present a painting of flowers.

2. Red Roses with Casablanca Lily Bouquets ideal for any season and any moment to brighten the atmosphere and lift the mood. This bouquet has a charm of its own and shows off the taste of the giver.

1. Peony Bouquets are however the best among the list
The coral charm of the peonies, or the monochromatic garden roses or the tube roses, magenta peonies, parrot or the graceful and fluffy white ones with blues or the tulips even the lilies form the best bouquets one can ever receive or gift.





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