Top 10 SEO Techniques For Your Small Business

Top 10 SEO Techniques For Your Small Business

With the stiff competition being experienced amongst businesses on the World Wide Web, Search Engine Optimization SEO is a business strategy that any online business should embrace. Basically SEO strategies are meant for helping small businesses enable search engines such as Goggle, Yahoo among others to recognize them and rank them highly on their search engine pages. The idea is not basically about increasing traffic to your website but relevant traffic of visitors. Here are the top ten ways of improving your SEO strategies and giving relevant visitors an answer to their search queries.

10. Researching on your keywords: You should know the type of keywords or keyword phrases that people are likely to type into search engines when looking for your product or service. The keywords or keyword phrases that you come up with ought to be competitive for them to make a difference.

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9. Unique Title tags on your site’s pages: It’s recommended that you use competitive keyword phrases on the Title tags of each of the pages on your website.

8. Unique Meta descriptions for each page: Most search engine spiders tend to target the title and of course the description tags of each page in a website. Therefore for you to be ranked highly on search engines you have to optimize these two sections for the search engines. A description Meta tag should basically involve a call to action about the information of that particular page.

7. The headers in your pages: Headers are basically, something like the headlines in your typical newspaper. For instance, your header tag one H1 should contain the primary key phrases while the H2 should contain the secondary key phrases.

6. Analyzing your copy: Although it’s advisable that you use the relevant keywords in writing your web content, you should be extremely careful to avoid spamming or stuffing the content with keywords. Your ratios of keywords should be about 3% in the body of your copy. When writing you should have the interest of visitors in mind before you start thinking about SEO. Meaning, it should make sense first lest it be discarded by search engines as spam.

 5. Website structure: Don’t make the navigation of your site a nightmare by hiding subtitles under other subtitles making it so difficult for your visitors to go around it. Your content shouldn’t exceed about two to three clicks from the homepage of your site.

4. Web content ought to be fresh at all times: Search engines don’t rank sites that don’t update their content highly! So it’s basically up to you to ensure that your site’s content is updated regularly. If you can’t do it yourself, because of lack of time, you can outsource the services to the numerous online freelance writers to do it for you.

Top Ten SEO Techniques For Your Small Business

3. Linking building: The more the links you have from reputable websites the more credible your site becomes. You can achieve this through social bookmarking, directories and article marketing among other techniques.

2. Registering with Google Webmaster: You should register and submit the xml sitemap. If you do this you will notice that Google will find it easy to reference and index your site. It will also help you in terms of knowing the relevant keywords and links pointing to your site among other benefits.

1.  Registering with Google Analytics: This is a tool that will help you monitor your site. It can give you numerous details about all the activities going on in your site. In essence, it will help you in improving your site and growing your small business.


  • Jowett

    Thanks for these 10 seo techniques… I say that they main key to a successful campaign is researching the right keywords. If you have not research your keywords extensively then all the campaign after would be quite useles. It’s like you’re trying to fish in a place where there aren’t no fish… or there are just too many fishing there already.


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