Top 10 Web Designers’ Tools For Bringing ‘Interactive’ Quotient To Web Pages

Top 10 Web Designers’ Tools For Bringing ‘Interactive’ Quotient To Web Pages

We have come past the age when websites used to be too glossy, full of high contrast images and graphics. Right now, minimalism dictates the designing world. The websites and web pages need to be more interesting, unique, simple, yet interactive in different devices. Yes, ‘interactive’ is the buzz word in designers’ world. Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and every major name have embraced this buzz word to make web-surfing an easy task. Now, we don’t need to go to page 1, 2, 3…to see results in Google Images; the infinite scrolling has solved the issue. Similarly, when you are scrolling down a lengthy page, you don’t miss the tabs above. They hung from above as if someone has put them into ‘frozen pane’. These are all miracles of interactive web designing. And here are top 10 tools web designers should have to create the best interactive web page designs.

1o. Responsive Wireframes: A perfect shot for blueprinting the layout of a page, wireframing it, and prototyping – Responsive Wireframes is designed by an Adobe-man. It lets you see the changes of design in multiple devices. Also, you can use the mockups before you make a final choice about the page designs.

9. Wirefy: This is one of the best solutions for content-oriented web designing. You can use Wirefy to show your client the real time reflection of the same design in different devices. It just needs a professional designer with in-depth CSS and HTML knowledge to make the most out of it.

8. Interface Sketch: If you are one of those persons who feel designing inevitably includes a pen and a paper, Interface Sketch is for them. You can take out your designs in PDF files from any devices.

7. Bootstrap: Prototyping is one of the most significant issues of designing. Twitter designers thus designed this Bootstrap to ease the task of prototyping. Pick from the customizable options, see the effect, download the final design, and enjoy a neatly designed and interactive website.

6. Style Tiles: This Photoshop-like tool which gives you the choice to add color, logo, and other elements in a web page apart from testing the responsive buttons, also acts like a middleman between client and designer.

5. Gridset: Try this if you want to try out different CMS platforms coupled with Fireworks and Photoshop. What more? You can share the demo designs with others, wireframe and prototype without much brainstorming.

4. Adaptive images: The goodness of this tool is that it can change the image size according to the screen size of viewer without any Markup.

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3. Adobe Edge Reflow: Another hotshot from Adobe, this is going to be a superhit among designers. Till now, it has been confirmed that this tool is for designing responsive layouts only.

2. FitText: It will scale the page text, rather headlines only, as per the devices used to view the page.

1. Responsinator: Do you want to see how your page loads in different devices? Just type the URL and hit enter using this tool and the result will be in front of your eyes.

  • I am so against Bootstrap and other Grid System for web design… just that it makes websites seems alike. Though it’s clean and elegant… when I browse the web, a lot looks a like… not exactly alike, but when you look at it’s layout and overall appearance. You’ll have the impression that you’ve been in that site. The other points here and designer tools are great btw. Thanks for these info.


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